February Dragon's Breath

January 29, 2024

A roaring hello to all of the gamers, collectors, storytellers, and big-hearted imagineers who make Dragon’s Keep such a special place. It’s been a while since we regularly published a newsletter, and between the coming of the new year and a thriving culture of patrons at all four of our locations, we decided it was time to reignite our tradition of reaching out.

Watch for this newsletter at the end of each month. We’ll use this space to celebrate, inform, and connect our incredible communities.

What’s New

Along with our new website design, check out our new logos!

Also, in just the last few weeks, several new Tavern Keepers have joined the Dragon’s Keep crew. Swing by any of our locations, give them a high five, and show them your latest MTG deck or incredible miniature paint job!

Upcoming Releases and Events

MTG Pre-release. February second and third, look forward to the prerelease for Magic the Gathering: Murders at Karlov Manor. All four locations will be hosting the prerelease. For details, ask for a flier at your local Dragon’s Keep. BONUS: Watch for the special Karlov Manor clue crossover happening at the end of the month.

40K. The new Deathwing Assault launches in February. Space marines is good marines, so make sure and put in your preorders by Saturday the 27th.

Warhammer The Old World. WAAAAHGH! The Greenskin Horde arrives this February. Watch for Preorder dates from the Warhammer Community page and put on your old school fantasy pants.

National Pokémon Day. Our Spanish Fork location has been invited to participate in an exclusive Pokémon Day 2024 event taking place on February 27th! There will be exclusive Pokémon Center Figures, GO TCG items, previously unreleased stamped promo cards, new promo dice sets and more. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.

Find Your Community

Join the Dragon’s Keep Discord to plan games, find friends, and explore the thriving communities of like minded nerds and hobbyists up and down Utah Valley.

On Discord, search for: thedragonskeep’s server

Painting League. Hone your skills, test your acumen and come paint with us. We are excited to announce our new painting league! Our first theme is Paint a Knight and will run from February 1st to March 31st. Painting can be done at home or in the store, so no matter your location you can be a part of our awesome community.

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May 16, 2024

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