March Dragon's Breath

May 30, 2024

The weather is weird. The days are mostly beautiful. And for all you dice rollers, card collectors, and 4D chess masters—luck is in the air!

Watch for this newsletter at the end of each month. We’ll use this space to celebrate, inform, and connect our incredible communities.

Battle Reports and Unboxing? Oh My!

Before we jump into the new releases coming in March, we wanted to take a second to shout out our dedicated YouTube channel: DragonsKeepTV. It’s a small but mighty outfit, and the perfect place to see the nerdy Tavern Keepers you know and love blossom into mighty hobby celebrities.

Subscribe for everything from new product opening videos to game-update hot takes and outright battle reports. Interested in featuring a game or opinion of your own on our channel? Hit us up at

Upcoming Releases and Events

Star Wars Unlimited Prerelease. Like cards? (Everyone likes cards). Like blasters, lightsabers, and a new way to play from a galaxy far far away? The Star Wars Unlimited Prerelease launches tomorrow! Dragons Keep is hosting the prerelease March 1st and 2nd. Watch for the full release on March 8th.

Space Marine-Legion Imperialis. Very tiny, very powerful reinforcements incoming! March 8th, a new wave of Legion Imperialis tanks, vehicles, and Astartes support assets will be up for preorder.

MTG Fallout. War…war never changes. But boy howdy, magic cards certainly do. If trading blows over MTG-supported power armor, rad roaches, and pipe rifles is your jam, look forward to the latest installment of MTG’s foray into new universes on March 8th with the release of MTG Fallout.

Dark Angels 2nd wave. Calling all edgy Space Marine warriors. Asmodai, Master of Repentance, the Inner Circle of Companions, and Deathwing Knights will all be available for order on March 9th as part of the Deathwing 2nd wave release.

One Piece Wings of the Captain Release. New Leaders (Fish-Man, Thriller Bark, and more), new tactics, a whole lot of punching and kicking—all coming March 15th with the latest release of the One Piece Card Game. The game has been an absolute hit at all of our locations, so if you haven’t tried it yet, swing by and ask about a pick-up game.

Find Your Community

Join the Dragon’s Keep Discord to plan games, find friends, and explore the thriving communities of like-minded nerds and hobbyists up and down Utah Valley.

On Discord, search for: thedragonskeep’s server

Painting League. Rumble rumble. Zap zap. The Paint-a-Knight painting league continues through the end of March.

Email your progress pics to

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