May Dragon's Breath

May 30, 2024

A very happy May to the world builders and color slingers who share their time with Dragon’s Keep. This month? It’s painted knights, Pokémon challenges, and major TCG releases—oh my! And a special callout to all of the painters competing and creating for the past many weeks. We’re incredibly proud of the size and engagement of our miniature painting community. Thank you for making our display cases so inspiring.

What’s New

A Fresh New Month for a Fresh New Coat

The painting league reset this month. It’s still plenty early to pick a project, pack up your brushes, and get rolling on your May painting competition submission. If you love the jangling of armor and the piercing gaze of helmeted eyes, good news! We’re continuing our theme of “Paint a Knight.” Send your progress photos to

Calling all Couch Potatoes. Shop Away.

Don’t forget about online shopping at It’s a great way to support your favorite hobby shop and snap up your boxes, cards, and gear remotely. We’ll send the goods right to your door or set them up for in-store pickup.

Upcoming Releases and Events

Pokemon League Challenges: Pokemon collectors from up and down Utah Valley—we choose you! Dragon’s Keep is now hosting league challenges. See our social media or select a location on our website and review its calendar to find out when and where.

One Piece EB01 Release. Happy today! As of this morning (May 1st), an entire release designed to fortify and enhance previous One Piece packaged products is live and available for purchase. These tend to go fast, so hit us up and learn more about the release here.

Free Comic Books Day. No cost. Nil. Nada. A penny out for a penny back. This May 4th, hit up your local Dragon’s Keep for Free Comic Books Day and find a new story to fall into.

Lorcana: Ursula’s Return. Poor unfortunate souls. But lucky, fortunate…everybody who loves Lorcana as much as we do. The latest Lorcana set Ursula’s Return bubbles up from the deep this May 17th.

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade. The much anticipated and stunningly beautiful Pokemon Twilight Masquerade releases in just a few weeks! Watch for prerelease events in the two weeks leading up the official launch on May 24th.

Find Your Community

Join the Dragon’s Keep Discord to plan games, find friends, and explore the thriving communities of like minded nerds and hobbyists up and down Utah Valley.

On Discord, search for: thedragonskeep’s server

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William Bailey
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May 16, 2024

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